About 2 months ago I picked up a 3D printer to fiddle around with and work on some projects. After some initial fiddling and troubleshooting I’ve finally got it to the point of being able to produce quality and functional prints consistently. I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of 3D printing, it seems like an excellent opportunity to bring manufacturing back to communities and reduce the significant carbon footprint of many of the everyday implements we use. Instead of injection molded items being shipped from the far east by the millions, we can manufacture as many as we need right in our home towns. It is also an opportunity to recycle products that we use locally instead of shipping our recycling abroad. Currently on the market there is a plethora of filament that is created from recycled bottles, wood, pulp or other manufacturing byproducts.

Filament is the feedstock for most 3D printing
applications. It comes in an variety of colours
and can have many different properties.

As the technology progresses, I could see how this could be a significant game changer in manufacturing, traditional supply chains, and sustainability.  Below is a sample of some of the products that I have designed and printed for my own household. All of the designs required less than 20 minutes to draft and printed for 2¢ – 20¢

If you would like the designs to print for yourself I would be happy to share. Just drop me a line!