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Sleek Z Axis Support – Essential Monoprice Mini Mods (V2)

There are several Z axis support downloads that exist for the Monoprice Select Mini printer. After I noticed some wobble on my printer, I wanted to see if a Z axis stabilizer could fix things up for me. Unfortunately I wasn’t a fan of most of the designs that were available on Thingiverse.  Several of the attachments for the end of the gantry were bulky and diddn’t actually align with the Z axis rods. The attachments to the side panel were bulky and didn’t necessarily fit with the other modifications that I had completed on the printer. So I set about to design a mod that fixed all these problems.

Download the files from the downloads page

The modification is relatively simple. 6 M2 x 8 screws are used to clamp 2 LM6LUU bearings to the end of the gantry. The clamp is attached to the gantry by the two screws that are already included with the MPSM V2. If desired you can attach the colour details in any arrangement you desire.

You can then attach the gantry arm in place using the screws that are already on the side panel a 30mm x 6mm rod and 2 x M3 screws as pictured above. If desired you can print a cap to the rod for aesthetics.

In all this is a relatively simple modification that takes less than 15 minutes to install as soon as you have all of the required materials. I can guarantee that you will see an improvement in print quality. Plus I think it looks pretty cool too!

If you like this mod, it can be downloaded on the downloads page. Check out my other modification the gantry light upgrade which you can see featured here.


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  1. Nelson

    Hi, is it a 30mm rod or 300mm? I just bought a 200mm rod and it seems too short

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