A Small Request

Hundreds of hours of labour has gone into the creation of these pieces of work. If you enjoy them, please consider donating to support future projects.  Thank you!

Below you will find .zip archives of all the files that I have created on this blog for sharing. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

WEN Rotary Tool Holster

This Holster is designed for use with the WEN Rotary Tool. I takes two 8×1 1/2 screws to attach to the surface of your choice. Flexible tool clips into place. Can be mirrored while slicing to change side of clip. Print in PETG or ABS with top on build surface with no supports. Enjoy!

rCrumbl Phone Case

This sleek “phone” case is designed to fit around a modified Raspberry Pi B+ and an Adafruit PiTFT with space for a brushed metal on / off button. Enjoy!

Sleek Z Axis Stabilizer

Designed for the Monoprice Select Mini V2 this stabilizer will keep your Z axis from wobbling about and improve your print quality on vertical walls. Easy to install requires minimal hardware.

Fan Shroud With Integrated Circuit Board Slot

A nifty little fan shroud with space to hold a small circuit board. Designed for 30mm fan

LED Gantry Strip with Integrated Switch

Designed for the Monoprice Select Mini V2 this LED strip lights up the build plate to easily see whats happening! Includes space for a toggle switch and some extra belt tension.